Prague, Czech Republic

Recently, I took a trip on my own to Prague! It was an incredible city and I had such a great time wandering around and exploring. The city was full of amazing architecture that left me in awe.


While walking around through the narrow pedestrian streets, there were shops around every corner making and selling Trdleník, a popular pastry also known as a chimney cake. At many of the shops, you can get a chimney cake with chocolate, nuts, and even ice cream. I got one with all of the above, and let me just say wow


Prague is known for its astronomical clock found in the Old Town Square. When the clock goes off each hour, the little windows open up and figures can be seen popping in and out. I first saw it at 9am and there weren’t many people around, but when I was strolling back through the square around 2pm, it was packed with people.


While in Prague, I also went to a marionette show just for fun. The show was called Don Giovani, an opera using music from Mozart, and it has been touring around Europe for many years. Many of the shops in Prague were selling marionettes and puppets, so I thought it would be a fun experience. Here are some photos from my trip!


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